Composite Cosplay Photos

bringing your character to life

Composite images allow you to bring your costume and character to life in the world they came from.

I have some of the most fun creating composites because I have full creative freedom to create an image that would not exist in the real world.

Composite Shoots Include:

  • Portrait Retouching
  • Full Composite Environment
  • Advanced Editing & Color Balancing
  • Lighting and Special Effects 


Location Cosplay Portraits

Telling a story with real world environments

Location portraits allow us to find a location that can simulate an environment where your character would reside. 

Whether it’s an urban city scene or a forest setting we’ll scout a location where we can create a stunning portrait.

Location Shoots Include:

  • Portrait Retouching
  • Editing & Color Balancing
  • Lighting and Special Effects 

studio cosplay portraits

capturing the beauty of your crafting

Studio portraits are perfect for showcasing all the hard work you put into creating your cosplay. With studio portraits your costume is the star of the show. 

Studio Shoots Include:

  • Portrait Retouching

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